Materials Processing Center

The Materials Processing Center (MPC), an interdisciplinary center within the School of Engineering, provides an environment where industry, government, and academia can collaborate to identify and address multidisciplinary issues in materials processing and manufacturing.

MPC’s focus is on strengthening and enhancing its intellectual community, increasing industrial outreach, and creating partnerships with industry to focus on research and education. The Industry Collegium of the MPC expands upon MIT’s traditionally close relationships with industry by providing a direct link between materials science, engineering, and processing research at the university and the short, medium, and long-term needs of a company. These partnerships address current issues in all materials sectors, but especially in biomedicine and biotechnology, chemical and biological sensors, energy generation and storage, environmental sustainability, information systems, nanotechnology, and transportation. MPC also encourages exchanges between academia and industry through visiting scientists, adjunct faculty appointments, and industrial internship educational opportunities. MPC sponsors a major workshop involving both students and faculty during its Materials Day symposium and poster session each fall.

Each year for nine weeks during the summer, MPC co-sponsors a research internship program, inviting outstanding undergraduate students nationwide to participate in ongoing MIT materials research. The program has brought hundreds of the best science and engineering undergraduates from across the country to conduct graduate-level materials research. Students can select from a wide array of projects available.

For more information about MPC or the Industry Collegium, contact Mark Beals, associate director, Room 24-517, 617-253-2129.